Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro Will Sport a Larger Battery and Faster Charging Than Expected

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Google will release the new Pixel 8 and 8 Pro flagship phones at some point in September or October. The tech giant is eager to prove that it can create even more powerful phones than the Pixel 7 series that came out in late 2022.

Apart from the new camera features that Google will implement for its Pixel 8 series and that we’ve heard about recently, it seems that the company will also bring some interesting improvements to the battery and fast charging capabilities of the upcoming lineup.

How good will the Pixel 8 series be?

There are plenty of strong reasons why we should already be hyped when it comes to the upcoming arrival of the Google Pixel 8 series to the market. The phones will come equipped with a more powerful Tensor G3 processor, new displays, better camera capabilities, and a USB DisplayPort alternate mode support, among others.

Thanks to an insider source at Google that Android Authority talks about, we can now learn more about the specs for the upcoming Google Pixel 8 series!

The Google Pixel 8 will feature advanced charging capabilities due to the 4W increase in the charging power compared to previous models of the series. The usual Pixel 8 will feature 24W charging, while the Pro variant will reach 27W charging.

When it comes to wireless charging, it needs to be said that the Pixel 8 series won’t be any different compared to its predecessor, Pixel 7. The new models will offer support for 20W and 23W charging speeds. As for battery capacities, it will be a 4,485mAh battery for the Pixel 8, while the Pixel 8 Pro will sport a 4,950mAh battery.

What do you think? Will the Pixel 8 series be more interesting than the Pixel 7, based on what we know so far? Feel free to leave us your opinion in the comment section of this article.

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