Google News APK Update Improves Performance

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A lot of us like to take a fair share of information from Google News. Whether we choose to access the service from a phone, tablet, PC, or even directly in the browser, Google News is loaded with articles from just about any field we can imagine.

But just in the case of any other app out there, Google News also needs to improve itself in order for users to maintain their interest in it. That’s why version of the app was released, as it brings along interesting improvements to the performance of the service.

Minimum demand: Android 5

The new version of Google News won’t work unless you have at least Android 5 installed on your smartphone. That’s surely more like a formal demand, as pretty much anyone nowadays uses a newer Android version.

Besides the performance improvements, the new update also adds a series of bug fixes to the mobile Google News app. The patch notes don’t go into detail, but even so, what the new version has to bring is already pretty tempting.

You can obviously use the Google News app from an iPhone or other iOS-powered device as well. The service provides a continuous flow of links to articles organized from numerous publishers and magazines around the world.

A beta version of the Google News app was released over two decades ago, in 2002, while the official app came out four years after. The app covers news from fields such as astronomy, science, technology, music, entertainment, sports, health, video games, software, hardware, smartphones, computers, and a lot more.

You can get your hands on the new Google News as either a simple APK file or an APK bundle. It’s up to you which one of those two options you will choose!

How do you prefer using Google News? How useful do you find the app? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

Cristian Antonescu
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