Google Meet Will Soon Allow You To Add 360-degree Backdrops To Your Meetings

Credit: Google

Emoji response sharing is a new feature on Google Meet that was recently released, but the updates don’t stop there. The developers of the video conferencing software have announced that they are working on adding a new fascinating feature that will enable users to choose their own dynamic 360-degree backgrounds for their video feeds. Google Meet’s current video editing features, which include backdrop blur, colored filters, and static/video backdrops, are rather handy. Personalize your feed with the possibility to add your own unique backgrounds. New 360-degree backdrops for Google Meet video chats are coming in the next few weeks for users on Android and iOS. With these sets, your video feed will have a dynamic appearance thanks to the use of your phone’s gyroscope as well as orientation data. Google claims the next 360-degree backdrops are films that will move in addition to the 360-degree motion.

Google Meet will debut with three 360-degree backdrops depicting varying locations; an oasis, a sky metropolis, and a mountain temple. More contexts are planned for inclusion in the service. In the next weeks, consumers and premium Workspace users will be able to use the new backdrops in Google Meet on Android and iOS. Google has not provided a specific release date, but we will keep you updated as soon as the new backgrounds become available.

New wallpapers aren’t the only thing coming to Google Meet next week; the service will also begin encouraging users to switch from the older “Meet (original)” app. You should download the new app and replace the previous one with it if you haven’t already. That’s because it won’t have access to the newest features included in the updated Meet app, and Google has plans to phase it out in the near future.

Susan Kowal
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