GeForce Now Ultimate: You Can Now Get a Subscription for FREE


Those who have always been dreaming of getting their hands on the NVIDIA GeForce Now Ultimate at no cost can now open the champagne! If you’re an AT&T subscriber, you’re in luck! The telecommunications company now offers access to GeForce Now Ultimate for free. The information comes straight from the official website of AT&T, so there is no room for doubts.

Just like pretty much anything else in life, this new offer from AT&T won’t last forever. It’s available for a limited amount of time, but you still have all the time in the world to think about it seriously and decide whether to apply or not.

The FREE GeForce Now Ultimate subscription ends in six months

Six months of GeForce Now Ultimate represent all that the new deal from AT&T has to offer. The official announcement is crystal clear:

It’s full stream ahead if you love gaming. As an early enabler of cloud gaming technology, AT&T* joined forces with NVIDIA to kick off 2023 with a brand-new GeForce NOW offer that gives gamers six months of the recently unveiled Ultimate membership on us. This latest extension with NVIDIA lets gamers upgrade their experience with the platform’s cutting-edge features – taking cloud gaming up to 240 frames per second for the first time ever –while riding on the strength of the AT&T network to take on your competition.

GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service that allows users to play high-performance games on devices that may not be capable of running them locally. It works by streaming the game from a remote server to the user’s device, using the power of the cloud to handle the heavy processing required by the game.

One of the key features of GeForce Now is its compatibility with a wide range of devices, including low-end laptops and Chromebooks that may not have the hardware needed to run demanding games. This makes it an attractive option for gamers who want to play the latest and greatest games but don’t have a high-end gaming rig.

Cristian Antonescu
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