Bleach Brave Souls Patch Notes 1.40: New App Icon, Improvements, and Bug Fixes


Bleach Brave Souls Update 1.40 is now available to download and install. We can now get to explore more in the game, from some much-needed improvements, a new app icon, to bug fixes. Bleach Brave Souls Update 1.40 is now available for download for all platforms, including PC, PS4/ PS5, and Xbox Series S/X.

Everything you need to know about the latest update for Bleach Brave Souls can be found below.

What’s New in the Bleach Brave Souls Version 1.40 Update?

As a new update for Bleach Brave Souls becomes available, we get the opportunity to discover several interesting new features, as well as much-required enhancements. For instance, there is a brand-new app icon that has been released, and it looks really good!

The manner the Skills Keys work has also been altered to accommodate the new system. Players who remained in control of Skill Keys after they were withdrawn from the game were given Coins as compensation for their trouble. As a result of such an adjustment, the prizes associated with some Challenge Orders were modified as well.

Other improvements and new features include:

1) Modifications to the way in which lost connections during cooperative play are handled

The behavior of Co-Op Quests has been modified such that if the player who created the room becomes offline, the area will be closed immediately.

2) Unacceptable Behavior and Inappropriate Conduct 

On the screen that is used to contact the game’s devs, a button that may be clicked to access the form for reporting cheating or disruptive behavior has been added.

3) An option to link to the Game Center

Any players who had already connected their game info with the Game Center before the service ceased accepting new links will be allowed to continue using the Game Center to link their data until the service is totally discontinued.

4) Modifications Made to the Way That Certain Accessory Effects Are Shown

The visual presentation of some Accessories throughout their use in Accessory Machines, during Fusion, and during Recycling has been altered.

5) Epic Raid Sets Upgrade

In the event that a player begins a room in an Epic Raid with a character that fails to meet the prerequisites necessary to enter an Epic Raid, a set that does fulfill these requirements will be chosen for the player automatically.

6) Sets of Character Accessories and Link Chains

On the setup screens for single-player tasks, Epic Raids, the Limit Breaker Quest, Co-Op Quests, Epic Raids, and the Augment/Ascend screen, players may now store sets of Character Links and Accessories. This feature is also available for Epic Raids. You are able to store up to five sets for each Attribute.

7) Item Screen Optimization

After securing an Accessory via the Accessory details page, players will no longer be sent back to the beginning of the Accessory list when they hit the Close button.

Bleach Brave Souls Update 1.40: Bug Fixes

  • In Chronicle Quests, a dialog box would appear informing players that they already held the maximum quantity of Fragments, even though the players had not yet achieved that level of Fragment possession.
  • In the Arena, the Ailment Reversal ability would not activate under certain circumstances.
  • If you were to take part in a Co-Op Quest as though it were a normal quest, the boss would not move about the area in the expected manner.
  • In Extreme Co-Op, if a new room was created but no rules were specified for it, then only players with a League equal to or higher than that of the room’s owner were permitted to access it.
  • If the player entered the Arena as a guest, the adversaries would not move closer to them while they were fighting.
  • There were certain instances in which the pop-ups that were supposed to inform users of revisions to the game’s privacy policy did not appear.
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