Garmin Instinct Smartwatches Receive a Huge Discount

Credit: Garmin

Those willing to get their hands and wrists on the Instinct and Instinct Solar smartwatches built by Garmin now have a new reason to start saving some money. The two smartwatch models receive an important discount, which cuts the initial price in almost half.

At its Amazon US storefront, Garmin has reduced the prices of its Instinct and Instinct Solar smartwatches. The Instinct is currently on sale for US$142.49, while the Instinct Solar is now 43% less expensive.

A price reduction of 43%

The Graphite version of the Garmin Instinct Solar smartwatch has been reduced by 43% and is now available for US$199.99 rather than US$349.99. This offer is available at Amazon and Best Buy as part of their “Black Friday in July” campaign.

With a 43% price reduction from the US$249.99 RRP, the Garmin Instinct in Graphite is now offered at Amazon for US$142.49. However, for the previous three months, the device had an average cost of about US$165; hence, a US$20 discount is more accurate. This is an Amazon Prime Day promotion that runs through July 12.

In case you’re wondering what are the best features of the Garmin Instinct smartwatch, here’s a list:

  • Military-grade toughness for the device’s structure.
  • Don’t let battery life constrain you. 14 days are possible in smartwatch mode.
  • You can use several GNSS satellite support and outside sensors to navigate the Earth.
  • You can improve your training with a built-in sports app.
  • You can use the smartwatch to connect with a compatible smartphone to receive notifications, alarms, as well as messages on the wrist.
  • With the smartwatch’s unique app, you can map, monitor, sync, and share your adventure from anywhere.

Will you benefit from the new offers regarding the smartwatches built by Garmin? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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