Gaming for Every Device is Awaited: Microsoft Aims to Buy Activision Blizzard


Let’s face it: there are billions of people across the world who are actively playing video games. The bias that this activity is only for children is long gone from the majority’s perception, and that’s great.

According to Microsoft’s official website, the Redmond-based tech giant is preparing to acquire Activision Blizzard Inc., meaning one of the top names in the world when it comes to game development.

“Building blocks” for the metaverse?

The upcoming move is expected to make Microsoft a lot more involved in the gaming area, whether we’re talking about titles for mobile devices, consoles, PCs, and so on. Even the cloud gaming area is involved, and that’s great news for all gamers! Cloud gaming usually allows a gamer to play his favorite titles on any device and without having to worry anymore if he has the right hardware components or not.

Microsoft is preparing to buy Activision Blizzard for $95.00 per share, in an all-cash transaction that is valued at $68.7 billion, inclusive of the net cash of Activision Blizzard.

Phil Spencer, CEO at Microsoft Gaming, declared via the tech giant’s website:

Players everywhere love Activision Blizzard games, and we believe the creative teams have their best work in front of them,

Together we will build a future where people can play the games they want, virtually anywhere they want.

Satya Nadella, chairman and CEO at Microsoft, declared as quoted by the same source:

Gaming is the most dynamic and exciting category in entertainment across all platforms today and will play a key role in the development of metaverse platforms.

The cloud gaming phenomenon has become more and more prevalent in recent years, and Microsoft has embarked on that journey already through its Xbox Cloud Gaming service. It’s nice to see that the tech giant doesn’t plan to stop there.

Cristian Antonescu
Cristian is in love with technology as many of us. He has a vast experience as a content writer in the field. He's involved especially in the gaming area, where he covers the latest news in open-world, role-playing, and first-person shooter titles.