Fortnite x Transformers: Optimus Prime Skin Has Just Been Tipped


A new crossover has been tipped to be featured in Fortnite, and by the looks of it, we should get ready for some action! A Fortnite and Transformers collab is now in the works, and rumor has it Optimus Prime will be the main character on the Island. The next Transformers film will air this summer, so it’s somehow obvious that Fortnite is going to welcome such a collab and, of course, add a fan-favorite, the spectacular Optimus Prime.

What are your expectations so far about the new Transformers movies? How about a collab with Fortnite? Let’s delve into some details and find out what the chances are to see Optimus Prime road the Fortnite ‘verse.

With a new season on its way, Fortnite is getting ready to surprise players again with exclusive events and crossovers. A fresh leak claims that Transformers is now in the cards to arrive, and we couldn’t be more excited! Also, the new season is believed to shake things up a bit, as we already witnessed some changes, and come up with a tropical biome. That means we could possibly get a desert environment.

Fortnite x Optimus Prime: What to Expect?

Ambushments, a Reddit member, posted an image of an Optimus Prime loading screen. Well, this could definitely mean an Optimus Prime skin with a Transformers collab soon. However, the chances are unknown as Epic didn’t offer any details about such an event. To recall, Fortnite welcomed many other crossovers right when a movie or other game premieres occurred.

On the other hand, reliable tipster @HYPEX, shared something quite useful on Twitter, discussing the chance of seeing a Fortnite x Transformers collab. Check it out here.

Based on that, we should get some sleek Summer Meowscles and Mechanic skins, a new Mythic Drum Shotgun, a racing mode, and grind rails. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! HYPEX also tipped at helicopters featuring a launcher that can “shoot every 2 seconds and deals 35 damage and 450 builds damage.”

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