What Are All the Fortnite Accolades You Can Make & Rewards

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Why are Fortnite’s Accolades so important? It’s probably one of the most outdated questions for game fans. However, those who don’t know much about these Accolades have been available since Fortnite was first released. How cool is that?! These Accolades also offer you the chance to show your skills and level up quickly. What are you waiting for?!

Accolades have become a major factor in the Fortnite ‘verse in providing you with some sweet XP. These are more manageable objectives that you can easily accomplish during a Battle Royale battle. Check them all out below!

Fortnite Accolades: Full List Available

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Fortnite’s Accolades automatically occur right when specific objectives are met during a Battle Royale battle. So, you pretty much do your thing while being awarded. Cool! And when you receive an honor, a notification similar to the one in the image above pops up.

How can you check out your Accolades in Fortnite?

All you have to do, as explained above, is to play the game as normal, and then once your match is over, go straight to the Match Stats area to view your awards. Since these Accolades are related to how you performed in a specific match, you won’t be able to see them once you’ve left the lobby. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

What are your thoughts so far about Fortnite’s reward system? How about the Accolades? Did you get any of them?

Now, let’s discuss something better: what is the complete list of Fortnite Accolades?

Full List of Accolades in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

Luckily, there are 67 Accolades available right now in Fortnite, so you can try your luck as much as you can/ want. That’s really helpful, isn’t it?! Make sure to check out every Accolade below:

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