Fortnite x Dragon Ball Crossover: Check Out the Fourth Possible Skin

Source: Pexels

With the upcoming collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball, people are constantly trying to guess how the crossover will look. Just three days ago, we found out that four new skins from the Dragon Ball franchise will exist in the battle royale game: Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and most likely a female skin.

While the arrival of Goku and Vegeta cannot surprise anyone since the two beloved Saiyans are the main characters of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, some eyebrows were surely raised at the mentioning of Beerus the God of Destruction. But who could be the fourth skin? Thanks to Twitter user @HYPEX, we may finally have the answer, and it was somewhat expected:

The possible arrival of Bulma surely cannot surprise anyone. Although she lacks any superpowers, Bulma, the wife of Vegeta, mother of Trunks, and former girlfriend of Yamcha, is one of the oldest characters in Dragon Ball. She was present from day one in the very first anime when she met an unusually strong child during her hunt for the Dragon Balls. At that time, she was a teenager and wanted to ask the Eternal Dragon for a boyfriend. The child she met was none other than Son Goku, and the two rapidly became good friends.

Although Bulma frequently runs into difficult situations quite often, she possesses plenty of scientific knowledge that could prove itself useful in Fortnite. As for the other three characters from Dragon Ball that will supposedly join Fortnite, they’ll surely dominate through their enormous power levels.

We can expect the Dragon Ball x Fortnite crossover to land at some point in August, but there’s no word from Epic Games on the subject yet. Until that glorious moment, feel free to leave your own thoughts regarding how the collaboration might look and how it could become even better!

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