Fortnite: Who Is The Coolest Player And How To Find Him?

Credit: Epic Games

Completing Epic Games’ weekly tasks is a great way for Fortnite players to level up quickly and get access to exclusive rewards. These tasks usually require locating certain materials, finishing off unusual goals, or perhaps accomplishing something completely unprecedented in the battle royale genre.

Chapter 3, Season 3, Week 8 of Fortnite’s mission list has players searching for the coolest player on the island in order to progress on their Battle Pass. Finding the right path in this task may seem difficult at first, but it’s really rather simple once players get the hang of it.

There is nobody else on the Fortnite island, NPC or player, who can help you with this mission. This week’s objective requires players to examine their own reflection in a mirror on the island in order to be completed. Each contestant, upon consulting a mirror, will discover that they are, in fact, the island’s coolest player, thereby completing the Week 8 task. Finding a mirror is the most difficult component of this quest.

Players of Fortnite may likely discover mirrors in the bathrooms of houses all across the island, but this tutorial will concentrate on only two spots where doing so would result in the shortest time to completion of the task.

  • The first mirror spot is at the busy intersection of Coney Island and Brooklyn. You may check yourself out in the mirror by visiting the main floor bathroom of the yellow home on the western edge of the region.
  • Tilted Towers, southwest of Coney Crossroads, is where you’ll find the second stop. A mirror may be found in a bathroom on the main level of the massive structure on the east side.

Once the mission is complete, players may earn experience by doing vehicle damage to an adversary in 5 seconds of honking.

Susan Kowal
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