Fortnite: Tall Grass Locations in Chapter 3 Season 1

Source: Epic Games

Getting lost while looking for the Tall Grass? Fear not, we’ve compiled a cool list of everything you need to know about some of the coolest additions in Fortnite.

Epic Games had introduced a bunch of new features when the island flipped upside down right at the beginning of Chapter 3, Season 1. Tall Grass is one of the cool things, and everybody’s wondering where you can find some.

Here is what you need to know.

Where to Find Tall Grass: Map Revealed

The best areas to find Tall Grass are on the south, west, and eastern outskirts of the Daily Bugle. The quest might be pretty tough, but it is sure worth it!

You can also try going on top of different hills to the north of The Sanctuary.

To be sure, just check out the map below:

Source: Epic Games

The Tall Grass is really fantastic considering is just, well, grass! Epic added this new environmental feature in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 to allow players to stay hidden from opponents when crouched down inside of it.

How cool is that?

And that’s not all.

As great as Tall Grass could be, you should know that there’s more than meets the eye. You have to be cautious when in Tall Grass, as moving around too much will reveal your location!

Source: Epic Games

Complete Tall Grass Challenges

The latest weekly Seasonal Quests challenge players to hide in Tall Grass for 10 seconds and damage an enemy player within 30 seconds of crouching in Tall Grass.

How can you complete these challenges?

The first quest is quite simple, as you only have to crouch and stay still without any enemies seeing you.

As for the second challenge, you better try landing somewhere close to the Battle Bus flight and wait for opponents.

TIP: stack up on weapons at the Daily Bugle or The Sanctuary!

The challenges come with quite the reward: 25,000 XP each. So, you better hurry up and grab that sweet XP by completing the quests.

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