Doctor Shares Surprising Way of Reaching 100 Years of Age


Many of us aren’t fans of the idea of life being evanescent. But we’re here to ruin your dreams. We often forget that someday, we’re all going to die. It doesn’t matter how famous, successful, wealthy, talented, or pretty we are. Ultimately, nobody can run away from death.

The Italian philosopher Umberto Eco said that we shouldn’t take life too seriously because we’re not getting out of it alive. Was he right? Or should we be more concerned about the afterlife? But let’s stick to our physical existence for the moment.

If we can’t run away from death in this world, the best thing we can do is try to live a healthy life as much as possible. Doing so can be a real challenge in our world filled with disease, pollution, stress, depression, alcohol, drugs, corruption, poverty, and more. But our duty is to try, and Dr. Angel Iscovich, who’s a former emergency medicine physician, thinks he knows how a person can reach 100 years of age.

Maintaining your daily routine is the key to reaching 100 years old

EatThis,NotThat! reveals Dr. Iscovich’s thoughts on reaching 100 years of age. He wrote a book called ‘The Art of Routine: Discover How Routineology Can Transform Your Life’ where he wrote about the stories of people who reached at least 100 years old. While speaking for Insider, the doctor said that maintaining a daily routine is the key when it comes to reaching the venerable age of 100 years old. Oddly enough, even bad habits will count on this scheme.

The daily routine can even include simple habits such as enjoying dessert every night. How great is that?

As for living forever in a physical form, we don’t know anything about that. But if you somehow found the secret to eternal youth, we would be delighted if you shared it with the world in the comment section!

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