Fortnite Might Soon Receive the ‘Family Guy’ Skin

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Can you imagine it? Peter Griffin running around the Fortnite map, chugging beer and yelling “Freakin’ sweet!” as he takes down opponents with his trusty frying pan. Stewie riding in his giant robot, blasting players with his ray gun and dropping one-liners like “Victory is mine!” And let’s not forget Brian, the classiest dog in the game, sniping enemies from the top of Tilted Towers with his martini in hand.

The possibilities are endless with a Family Guy skin in Fortnite. Imagine the Quagmire emote where he does his signature “Giggity Giggity” dance. Or the Lois emote where she gets mad at Peter for losing the game. Oh, and don’t forget about the special bonus of a “Freakin’ Sweet” Victory Royale where all the characters from the show come together to celebrate.

In Fortnite, everything seems possible, as the game has teamed up with plenty of cartoon characters already.

When will the Family Guy skin become available in Fortnite?

Rumors are swirling among data miners that Fortnite may be getting a Family Guy-themed back bling. According to insiders like Shiina and HYPEX, there’s a texture in the game’s files that suggests a video clip from the show will play when the back bling is equipped. Some have even speculated that the code name “FrenchFry” points to the skin being none other than Peter Griffin himself.

Fortnite has had a number of crossover events and collaborations with other franchises, including Marvel, Star Wars, John Wick, Stranger Things, Travis Scott, Dragon Ball, Batman, and many more. These events typically include new skins, weapons, emotes, and other in-game items themed around the respective franchise, as well as limited-time game modes and challenges.

While nothing is confirmed yet by Epic Games regarding the possible Family Guy skin, it’s no surprise that the lovable, beer-loving father known as Peter Griffin would be the star of this potential collaboration.

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