Mending Machines in Fortnite – All Contents and Locations

Fortnite Season 7 is probably by far the most exciting experience we witnessed in the game. There’s tons of sleek new content, weekly quests, and challenges you don’t have to miss. 

Week 1 of quests, for example, took us by surprise when the iconic Rick Sanchez made a special appearance in the game. He challenges us to hunt and interact with Mending Machines, a variation of the previous Vending Machines we all know so well.

We’ve compiled a list with everything you need to know about Mending Machines, the locations, contents, and more.

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What Are Mending Machines?

One of the brand-new features in Season 7 is Mending Machines, a revamped version of the popular Vending Machines. 

These machines take material gathered across the game in exchange for super useful stuff like weapons and consumables, including medkits and shield potions.

How to Use a Mending Machine:

  1. Go to a Mending Machine and press the interact button; for PC – E, PlayStation – Square, and Xbox – X;
  2. Choose an item and left-click on PC, X on PlayStation, or press A on Xbox;
  3. Confirm your choice and select the item again.

TIP: use Gold Bars to buy some potions.

Mending Machines Locations

You’ll notice that most Manding Machines can be found at the main POIs, such as Catty Corner, Believer Beach, or Boney Burbs. However, some of the locations might be a bit challenging, but we’ve got you covered!

Below, there’s a map with all the locations:

Boney Burbs

Head to the East of the POI, get inside the gas station, find a chest, and you’ll find the Mending Machine under some hanging lights.

Pleasant Park #1

Your next stop will be at the edge East of the POI, in the middle. Outside the gas station, you’ll see a Mending Machine right side of the building.

Pleasant Park #2

East to the POI is a big bridge. The Mending Machine is right inside a truck stop there.

Catty Corner

Head south of the POI, and go to the back of the gas station to find your Mending Machine.

Believer Beach

Go to the North East of the POI, and the Mending Machine is right in front of the gas station.

Lazy Lake

The Mending Machine is to the South-West of the POI, outside the gas station.

Holly Hedges

For this one, you have to go west of the POI, under the gas station awning. 

Slurpy Swamp

Go north across the small bridge of the POI, and the Mending Machine is right in front of you at the intersection’s gas station.

Steamy Stacks

Head west of the POI and follow the road out of the POI, and then turn right. 

Next, turn right and walk until you see the little gas station there, and the Mending Machine will be there.

Slurpy Swamp and Misty Meadows

Your next Mending Machine is right in between these locations. Follow the road of either, and you’ll find the Mending Machine.

Corny Complex #1

Head south of the POI, over the bridge, and you’ll see a gas station where your Mending Machine is.

Corny Complex #2

Go east of the POI and follow the road around past the above gas station. Finally, cross over a bridge to find your Mending Machine.

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