Fortnite Betting Guide

The popularity of video games and the gameplay of the niche itself have grown considerably over the last ten years. What started as a mere pastime to play huddled in the basement with friends has become a global sensation with its betting category, esports. The popularity of esports has seen esports betting take on a popular form because watching can now bring massive payouts, and gamblers can earn funds simply by streaming their favorite esport.

This Fortnite betting guide addresses the best type of wagers to place and their odds, how to bet on Fortnite, and what tournaments are right for wagering.

What is Fortnite?

In 2017, Epic released Fortnite into the gaming industry as a casual game to enjoy with friends. The game uses cartoonish characters like Overwatch and building mechanics. It falls into the Battle Royale genre, which sets contenders in a virtual despondent location and has them fight “to the death”.

There is one simple goal in this game – to survive – which sets it aside from other esports titles in the industry. Competitors have to get their hands on any objects and weapons they may find and use them to fight their opponents for a chance to be the last one alive. It uses a circular poisonous storm to draw participants into a safe space that continuously gets smaller, forcing them to engage in spectacular fights.

With millions of fans following the storyline, this game turned powerhouse isn’t going anywhere. Only good things can happen when Fortnite and BTS combine, as the collaboration saw the release of a new song and new emotes in the Party Royale. This brought in more fans, and most of them stuck around to enjoy the sport.

In time for the Fortnite Season 2 release, the developers removed the building mechanism, which allows contestants to build shields using resources they obtain. This new zero build mode requires participants to rely on natural cover and strategies, making it more interesting to stake on and increasing the betting edge.

How Do I Start Betting On Fortnite?

Now that you know what Fortnite is about, you probably wonder how to get started with betting. After all, if you aren’t down to partake in the game and gain a part of the prize pool, you should make some cool cash from watching and placing stakes.

To start wagering on Fortnite in 2022, you need to familiarize yourself with how it is played. This is the only way to develop your strategies for placing winning wagers because the known strategies like the Martingale strategy would not help you much.

The Best Fortnite Betting Tips

Let’s look at five important wagering tips to employ to ensure you are not giving away your funds in the name of gambling.

Learn the gameplay

You need to understand how the esport works to set better stakes. The esport pits 100 contenders against themselves, one on one or in groups of two or four – solo, duo, or squad.

Know the players and the teams

You need to observe participants’ histories and how well they understand the gameplay. To do this, stream live Fortnite games on Twitch and note things like contenders’ landing spots that can determine how they progress and weapon choice.

Remember that you aren’t just watching to enjoy it. You are trying to learn and understand players’ strategies to determine whether they can help you triumph. Track the leaderboards for contestants’ progress and win frequency.

Use trustworthy sites

Some platforms are shady and would either provide poor betting odds or delay the payout. Opt for top-rated betting sites that offer esports betting like BetWay, Vulkanbet, and Arcanebet. Before betting with the mobile casinos it might be useful to check out the information on the subject from the professionals. Reading the reviews can help you get acquainted with all possible options, bonuses and allows you to avoid unnecessary stress from unreliable resources.

Master the Fortnite betting markets

There haven’t been a lot of major Fortnite, hence the lack of a plethora of staking options, but there are a few betting types to take advantage of.

Money Line Stakes

This is a stake on the player or gang that would be victorious in a single match. It is a risky bet because skill is not always a winning determinant, and there are too many contestants to bet on, but it has a great payout.

Future Stakes

This is similar to the moneyline bet, but it focuses on the overall winner of the championship. It is even riskier than betting on the match-winner, but it has crazy amazing odds and a high return on investment. Pro players would always do what they need to get to the finals, but since there are a lot of them out there, it is really difficult to decide who to bet on.

Prop Stakes

These are bets on actions or events that occur during the event. There are several ones to consider:

  • First Kill: This is a stake on the player or group that makes the first kill of the match.
  • Region of Winner: Betters can gamble on the region the winner of the tournament comes from. There are three common regions to stake on – Europe, Americas, Asia, Oceania & the Middle East.
  • Top 3 Finish: This stake on the last three participants to meet in the finals is the most secure, but it does not always proffer the best winning chances.
  • Solos & Duos: This is a wager on the last participant in a single-player competition of 100 contenders or the last team standing in a match against 50 teams.

Monitor the events calendar

With a very competitive scene and several Fortnite tournaments, there are many opportunities for players to stake on this esport. Contestants can gain points for elimination and survival that add up to the final event. These events can be split into distinctive categories;

Third-Party Competitions

Some companies organize immersive esporting experiences for participants with huge prize pools. One such contest is the Dream Hack Fortnite, which features competitions and a prize pool of $250,000 monthly.

Epic Games Competitions

These are official events with massive prize pools hitting millions of dollars. Some popular ones you would see are Winter Royale and Summer Skirmish.

  • The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) is another global competition, starting with regional open weekly events and ending in a closed international final.
  • The Fortnite World Cup. This is the Super Bowl, the single most monumental league you can gamble on. The World Cup in 2019 had a prize pool of a whopping 30 million dollars and pulled in 100 lone contenders and 50 duo contenders worldwide.


Esports championships are now more common than ever, with many contestants coming together to compete for a prize pool worth millions of dollars. Fortnite is one of the biggest esports that has gained traction over the years and become a cultural phenomenon and fans’ favorite.

Like any other type of betting, Esports betting requires gameplay knowledge, skills, and strategies. To become good at Fortnite gambling, you need to learn these while continuously improving. Gaining this knowledge takes a lot of time and effort, thus, playing the game often turns into a profession for a lot of players.

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