Fortnite: Best Deathrun Codes For Creative Mode in Chapter 4 Season 1

Credit: Epic Games / Ritual

In Fortnite, you have the chance to build the game of your dreams in the Creative mode, and one of the most well-liked genres is Deathrun. Curious about the best Deathrun map codes in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1?

Since it was originally added to the game in 2018, Fortnite’s Creative mode has encouraged users to make some incredible maps featuring a lot of cool themes.

We’ve compiled a sleek guide because there are so many options, and it might be difficult to know where to start. Also, make sure you check out this previous list of Deathrun codes, too!

21 Level Skyline Run: 3759-6687-0977

Credit: Epic Games / Jallidus

As you make your way across the highest rooftops in this unique Deathrun map by Jallidus, you’ll have to avoid spikes, fire, and nauseating drops. Can you do all of that?

Bounce Out Obstacle Course: 0356-4964-5824

Credit: Epic Games / Ritual

This creative Deathrun code by eatyoushay, challenges you to navigate obstacles and race your buddies to the finish line without falling into the ocean.

100 Level Default Deathrun: 4056-1695-2605

Credit: Epic Games / FxxD1

In this Deathrun code map by FxxD1, you must strive as you make your way through the game’s dangerous passageways, survive, reach the finale, and compete against up to 19 other players!

Ice Cream Deathrun: 2504-1001-5323

Credit: rockpenguin360

Every level in this Deathrun code map is based on a distinct ice cream flavor, making it a fun and vibrant experience. What’s great is that up to three players can actually try this while scaling ice creams and dodging other obstacles that are dessert-related.

New Movement Martex Deathrun: 4717-8702-3098

Credit: Epic Games / MARTEX

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 mobility mechanics are all present in this Deathrun code, along with some parkour!

The Grapple Glove Deathrun: 9496-9656-3332

Credit: Epic Games / Jaoikki

This Deathrun map will have you try to prevent a tragic ending as you swing past numerous barriers. Check back frequently for new challenges, as additional levels will be available shortly!

Default Slide Deathrun: 1384-9725-0679

Credit: Epic Games / KKSlider

Running, leaping, and sliding are all included in this Chapter 3 map by KKSlider as you try to complete the course. To stay alive, you’ll need lightning-quick reflexes and impeccable timing.

Spy Games Deathrun: 6302-2233-2728

Credit: Epic Games / FortniteCreativeTutorials

Choose the Shadow or Ghost allegiance while playing with up to 8 spies and see what happens, all in a game with original traps and sessions of parkour.

Ghost Train Deathrun: 2374-3274-1094

Credit: Epic Games / fhsupport

If you miss Halloween, this horror but not so challenging Deathrun map allows you to concentrate on taking in the eerie surroundings and excellent attention to detail.

Mixed Lava Lake Deathrun: 3229-6168-3908

Credit: Epic Games / FortniteCreativeTutorials

There are 50 stages on this Deathrun map to accomplish, and up to 30 players can participate at once, which is sure to make for some hectic situations.

Frosty Farm Deathrun: 3114-9806-2406

Credit: Epic Games

The Christmas holidays are back, thanks to this Deathrun map! As you make your way on the map, you can collect up to 20 presents. How cool!

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