Apple Might Soon Use In-house Displays For Its Watches and Other Devices

Credit: Luke Chesser on Unsplash

According to a new report, Apple will begin utilizing in-house screens for its watches by 2024, a decision that could change the game totally. Back in 2018, rumors talked of Apple’s ambitions to create its own display. It appears that Apple initially intended to release its technology in 2020, but it was constrained by the expense and technical difficulties involved in the development.

But who can stop Apple now from choosing to make its in-house displays? Check out everything we know so far about the company’s plans below.

In-house Displays For Watches and Other Devices: What to Expect?

According to Bloomberg, Apple will start replacing the screens on its mobile devices with its own screen technology as early as next year. Also, if everything goes just fine, the company will begin with its most expensive Apple Watches in late 2024 and replace the OLED panels with its own microLED technology. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

Furthermore, Bloomberg stated that the tech giant’s in-house display next-gen tech would also find its way into the company’s other products, including the iPhone.

How will the new displays be?

It is said that the new display will appear as though watchfaces and other content are painted on top of the glass since it is brighter and has more brilliant colors. How cool! It would also look more incredible from any angle.

The technology is still one of the most important initiatives for the company, despite the delay and potential future delays (plans still might go south, according to Bloomberg’s sources). Currently, Apple is allegedly testing the new in-house panel on an updated version of the Apple Watch Ultra after spending several billion dollars on its creation.

Such a change isn’t just for the sake of appearance. With Apple switching to its panel development, its suppliers, primarily Samsung and LG, might suffer greatly.

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