Fornite Introduces The Kid Laroi’s Wild Dreams

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Since 2019, Australian rapper, singer, and songwriter The Kid Laroi has become a global force. 

Starting with Friday, The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams island will appear at 6 PM. This island will attribute new music from Laroi, including his song Love Again, released on January 27. Meanwhile, three unreleased songs will play on this island and the Afterparty island.

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Source: Fortnite

The Kid Laroi’s Wild Dreams

In this experience, players will search the cybercity “Laroitown.” A jam-packed LAROI concert will feature fan-favorite music and new music. Players can join LAROI for the Afterparty, listen to the Wild Dreams mix on loop and look at the artist’s life on tour and beyond. Also, players can accomplish The Kid Laroi’s Wild Dreams Quests for XP, and special LAROI items, including the Thousand Miles Lobby Tracks and Love Again, the LAROI& The Rogue Loading Screen, The LAROI Was Here and Laroi’s Tag Sprays. 

The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams will be available in-game for a limited time, from January 27 to April 27. Select on the Discover screen THE KIS LAROI’s WILD DREAMS title, or input the island code 2602-0606-9081.

Are you looking for some LAROI merch?

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The Kid LAROI and The Rogue LAROI outfits will be accessible in the Item Shop starting January 26. One of the Outfits includes the Electrified Style and the default Style. This Outfit comes with the Get My Bag Back Bling and pink Left Alone Style.

Find Out More About The Kid Laroi Cup

On January 24, you can start competing in this Duos Zero Build tournament, unlocking The Kid LAROI Outfit. Also, receive at least eight points to unlock a LAROI Banner Icon and the LAROI’s Smile Emoticon

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Match Placement:

Victory Royale: 25 Points

2nd: 22 Points

3rd: 20 Points

4th: 18 Points

5th: 17 Points

6th: 16 Points

7th: 15 Points

8th: 14 Points

9th: 13 Points

10th: 12 Points

11th: 11 Points

12th: 10 Points

13th: 9 Points

14th: 8 Points

15th: 7 Points

16th: 6 Points

17th: 5 Points

18th – 19th: 4 Points

20th – 21st: 3 Points

22nd – 23rd: 2 Points

24th – 25th: 1 Point

Each elimination: 1 Point

If you are as excited as I am, hurry up and play the new Fortnite version!

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