Signal 6.23.5 APK Update Improves Message Processing

Signal remains one of the best possible alternatives to WhatsApp when it comes to reliable and powerful instant-messaging apps. Elon Musk contributed tremendously to the popularization of Signal, which had gone off the roof when the Meta-owned platform, on the other hand, went through some difficult times.

The guys responsible for the development of Signal have no other way but to constantly try to improve the app. Otherwise, their software will be forgotten. That’s one harsh but golden rule of modern technology, as the market seems to have no mercy for anyone. You have to constantly find ways to improve your app if you wish to remain in the game.

Signal 6.23.5 APK update has arrived

The new 6.23.5 update for Signal is already available, and you are free to grab it as a simple APK file. Unfortunately or not, no APK bundle is available so far.

If you’re also wondering what’s new in the new Signal 6.23.5 version, the answer is simple: message processing performance has been improved. It’s now possible to turn off airplane mode after you engage in a long flight, and it won’t take nearly as much time for all of your messages to arrive.

Similar to WhatsApp and other instant-messaging apps, Signal also embraces privacy by offering strong end-to-end encryption. In other words, users’ discussions on Signal will remain completely private.

Signal also remains free of charge, so you won’t have to pull any money out of your bank account in order to use the app!

Those willing to get their hands on the new 6.23.5 APK update for the Signal app will have to make sure their smartphone runs on any Android version above Android 4. Surely the vast majority of users won’t have any problem qualifying.

What do you think about the new Signal 6.23.5 update? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

Cristian Antonescu
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