FIFA 23: When Will a World Cup Mode Become Available

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FIFA 23 is coming fast, and it shall be released by EA later this year. It will also be the last game in the series, as next year, we’ll have EA SPORTS FC. But there’s a lot in store for FIFA 23, and one of the major additions is represented by a World Cup mode.

In the real world, the FIFA World Cup 2022 competition will take place in Qatar this November. Thirty-two national teams will be competing for the big title of the world champion! It’s another World Cup competition that won’t have Italy among the participants, the national team that has won 4 such trophies during its history.

FIFA 23 will be featuring a World Cup mode starting in November 2022

It seems like the upcoming FIFA 23 game will receive its World Cup mode around the same time the competition starts in the real world. There’s also a chance that we might see a lot more than 32 national teams in FIFA 23, as the game might offer players the chance to run the whole qualifications process with their chosen team. For instance, if you choose to play with Italy during the FIFA 23 World Cup mode, you might have to face much weaker nations such as Feroe Islands, Lichtenstein, or San Marino in order to qualify for the tournament itself. These later teams are usually not included in FIFA games.

Of course, also getting access to the qualification phase is just speculation at this point, but we should still consider it possible. Let’s not forget that EA announced that FIFA 23 will be the best game of its series, and who could possibly not be willing to see a World Cup mode implemented in the upcoming game as well?

FIFA 23 should arrive in late September, judging by how EA has usually been doing things. If that’s the case, the World Cup mode should be added later in the form of an update.

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