FIFA 22: Cristiano Ronaldo is Only the Third Best Player in the World, Being Downgraded By EA

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FIFA 22 is only weeks away from getting launched, and we already have a lot of information about the game. The famous FIFA series will be renewed once more with a new iteration, and judging by the info we have until now, it will be a load of fun!

Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to Manchester United after twelve years. The English club is where the Portuguese superstar became famous. But EA has made him a little less good for FIFA 22 compared to how he was in FIFA 21. reveals that EA has published the first 22 best players of FIFA 22.

Top 22 players revealed by EA

This time, Ronaldo will be only the third-best player from the planet, reaching an overall score of 91. This isn’t too surprising considering that after all, Ronaldo is 36 years old. Therefore, the second best player in the world is the scoring machine from Bayern Munchen: Robert Lewandowski, who marks a 92 overall score. As expected, Messi once again wins the title of the best FIFA player, hitting an overall of 93.

Behold the full list:
1. Messi – 93
2. Lewandowski – 92
3. Ronaldo – 91
4. De Bruyne – 91
5. Mbappé – 91
6. Neymar – 91
7. Oblak – 91
8. Kane – 90
9. Kanté – 90
10.Neuer – 90
11.Ter Stegen – 90
12.Salah – 89
13.Donnarumma – 89
14.Benzema – 89
15.Van Dijk – 89
16.Kimmich – 89
17.Son – 89
18.Alisson – 89
19.Courtois – 89
20.Casemiro – 89
21.Ederson – 89
22.Mané – 89

Messi has moved from Barcelona to PSG, but he still remains a highly important footballer. It’s hard to believe that Messi won’t be decisive in the next season of Ligue 1. Lewandowski also deserves his place, considering that he scores very often for the top Bundesliga team Bayern Munchen.

What do you think? Do you consider that Ronaldo deserved to be the first or the second best player in FIFA?

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