The Robot Tactics X Update Makes Mobile Strategy Gaming Even Better

When it comes to mobile strategy games, you can always rely on Robot Tactics X. This title delights the players through mecha battles and numerous Gacha heroes and waifus. There’s a lot of mystery going on in the game, as the whole plot revolves around the conflicts of two continents. A group of outlaw heroes will reveal both their secrets and conspiracies.

Robot Tactics X is nothing but the brand new installment of Robot Tactics, the game is still in development and is now in the second beta. You can get involved in all sorts of exhilarating battles. You can teach your opponents some manners using an ax, a spear, a sword, and so on.

In Robot Tactics X, you can have access to:

  • Highly customizable mecha system
  • Story-Driven Levels
  • Classic Turn-Based Strategy

But there’s even more to come! “Gotta catch ‘em all!” seems to be the right motto here! What this means is that exquisite original characters that were designed by famous illustrators will be showing up in the game, and it’s up to YOU to collect them in the gacha system!

A brand new combat animation!

The new combat animation looks smooth and improved along with the new update, and you will easily convince yourself about it once you start playing! The fighters look ready and eager for action as you start the game, and they won’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to take down their opponents!

Do you also enjoy seeing a pretty and sexy lady who’s willing to punish the naughty boys with a sword? Don’t worry; Robot Tactics X has implemented such a thing as well!

Robot Tactics X embodies factors such as role-play, adventure story, social interaction, mecha DIY, and cards collection. There’s also a unique style of turn-based strategy robot confrontations!



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