FIFA 21: Don’t Miss the Tutorial For the Best Skill Moves

FIFA 21 has been released for several months already, and it already showed us all that there’s still room for improvement in the beloved FIFA series. Many people had been complaining about the predecessor FIFA 20, and they had some strong reasons. But with FIFA 21, gamers are once again optimistic that they can witness a perfect football game.

Even though the ongoing pandemic has been affecting the football world across the globe, nothing can stop the passion of all those crazy fans for their favorite teams! Football is a worldwide phenomenon, a way of living, a battle of pride and egos, and even a religion for many people! The guys from the FIFATV YouTube channel seem to know this very well, and that’s why they prepared a whole set of skill moves for FIFA 21:

The description is so accurate:

Looking to improve your FIFA 21 skills? Add some flair to your game with this how-to tutorial from Complexity Gaming’s Alanavi and Joksan, who show you how to successfully pull off the best skill moves such as The Elastico, La Croqueta, Heel to Heel, The Bridge, The Fake Rabona Stop and more!

FIFA 21 is already very popular among gamers who love football simulations, and it’s understandable why. The game features over 30 official leagues, 700 clubs, and more than 17,000 players.

Ronaldo is still a legend

Even in FIFA 21 when he is 36 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo is still the second best player in the world after Lionel Messi. The Portuguese superstar is currently the main goalscorer of Serie A in real life, meaning that despite his age, he doesn’t show signs of retirement. Many people believed that Ronaldo’s career is practically over after he left Real Madrid for Juventus, but the legendary striker still shows a great appetite for football.

FIFA 21 is currently available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC.


Tonia Nissen
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