Fallout 4 DLSS 3 Mod Comes With Constant 60FPS! Huge Performance Upgrade Revealed

Bethesda Game Studios

Back in 2022, it was revealed that several older games, including Resident Evil Village, Skyrim, and Fallout 4, would acquire unofficial support for NVIDIA DLSS. These DLSS tweaks will enhance not only the titles’ performance but also their graphics, as demonstrated by the modder known as “PureDark” back when he demonstrated them. How’s the gaming experience going to be improved?

Now that the DLSS 3 mod that ‘PureDark’ is working on is up and running, we’ve got an incredible glimpse of how it influences the performance of Fallout 4. Remember that this is only a demonstration at this moment, and the date on which the modification will be made accessible to the general public for download is not yet known.

One thing is sure. It seems that from what we’ve seen from the presentation, it is rather beneficial to Fallout 4, especially in terms of gameplay. How exactly?

Distinct framerate reductions to 50FPS could be spotted while the patch wasn’t actually working, and after the mod was activated, we were able to see a steady 60FPS! Quite impressive, isn’t it?! And let’s be honest: this is something about Fallout 4 that was necessary, particularly when playing the game with many mods activated during large-scale sequences.

See it for yourself below:

The modder made the announcement earlier this year that he was working on a DLSS 3 mod for Bethesda’s Skyrim as well as a DLSS 3 mod for The Last of Us Part 1 and the previously mentioned Elden Ring DLSS mod. All three mods were to be released in this year. According to what we have observed so far from these unauthorized upscaling changes, they give substantial speed increases without losing the graphical quality.

The PC and console versions of Fallout 4 are already available worldwide. Back in 2015, the video game was made available to the public.

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