Everything You Have To Know About The Meg 2

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It’s time for the fans to return to the shark’s world because The Meg is back. 

In 2021, Wheatley discussed with Den of Geek The Meg sequel. 

Wheatley said:

I don’t think I can say at the moment what’s going on, the ins and outs of it. But guaranteed, there will be a Megalodon — maybe more than one.

He kept his word and added three Mags, a giant squid, and a host of other creatures to his team.

Read down below for more information.

The Meg 2 Release Date:

The Meg 2: The Trench will be released into theatres on August 4, 2023. 

The original movie reached over $530 million at the box office. The first movie was based on the novel Meg, a techno-thriller by Steve Atlen, published in 1997. Erich Hoeber, Dean Georgaris, and Jon Hoeber wrote both screenplays. Jon Turteltaub is known for directing The National Treasure movies and The Meg. Ben Wheatley directed the second movie and others, including 2020’s Rebecca and Kill List. 

Is there a trailer?

The trailer was released on May 8, 2023. You can watch it below:


The trailer begins with a dinosaur ecosystem eating by the beach: the little dinosaur eats a fish, a Tyrannosaurus Rex eats that dinosaur, and then the Meg (or Megalodon) eats the T-Rex. 

Also, the group has to deal with three different Megs in the second movie, which will surely be challenging. There’s a scene of Jason Statham using a jetski to jump over a shark’s open mouth, and a giant squid uses its tentacles to grab hold of a helicopter, and, of course, many people are eaten by the Megs.

What About The Cast?

The cast includes the original actors and just a few new faces by their side.

  • Jason Statham as Jonas Taylor
  • Wu Jing is as unnamed character (so far)
  • Shuya Sophia Cai as Meiying Zhang
  • Page Kennedy as DJ
  • Sergio Peris-Mencheta is as unnamed character (so far)
  • Skyler Samuel is as unnamed character (so far)
  • Sienna Guillory is as unnamed character (so far)
  • Cliff Curtis as James “Mac” Mackreides

Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming movies!

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