‘Escape Simulator VR’ is Coming Soon

Credit: Steam

In Escape Simulator, you have the chance to engage in an immersive first-person puzzle experience that offers both solo play and online co-op gameplay. The latter is optimal with 2-3 players, but accommodating larger groups is also possible.

While playing Escape Simulator, you can delve into a captivating collection of escape rooms that are full of interactivity. You can unleash your creativity as you rearrange furniture, shatter posts, meticulously inspect every object, and conquer challenging locks. The game also offers community rooms through a dynamic level editor, fostering a vibrant and collaborative gaming community.

‘Escape Simulator VR’ will become playable this summer

According to XR Source, the developer and publisher Pne Studio made the big announcement that their Escape Simulator game will become playable in VR. There’s no precise release date revealed at this point, which means that all we can do is wait.

Therefore, starting this summer, those who prefer gaming via PC VR and Meta Quest have the choice to embark on the virtual adventure of Escape Simulator VR. Whether solo or in an online co-op with up to eight players, participants will be enthralled by the rebuilt VR experience, which has been meticulously designed for comfort and immersion.

With the ability to interact with objects, solve locks, break barriers, and unravel puzzles, players have the chance to use their wits to escape captivating rooms. The excitement doesn’t end there, as the game offers a huge array of 3000+ community-built rooms to explore once the main game is completed.

The roadmap also promises the Treasure Island Update, featuring free new rooms to add to the immersive journey. Therefore, you can prepare for an exhilarating escape like never before as Escape Simulator VR takes center stage!

The non-VR version of the ‘Escape Simulator’ was originally released in October 2021.

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