Elden Ring’s Patch 1.09: A Game-Changer for Weapon Diversity

Source: Steam

Since its launch in the early years of 2022, Elden Ring has been an enormous commercial success, but the video game has also received more than its share of negative feedback. One of the primary problems was that there wasn’t enough variety in the weapons, with some being far too powerful and others being nearly useless. This was one of the main issues. However, these concerns have been addressed by the most recent patch that was released by FromSoftware, which is version 1.09. This patch made modifications to the game’s weapons, which opened up more playstyles and added greater diversity to combat.
Even though the adjustments might not look like much, their consequences of them are significant. For instance, the amount of time required for some weapons to recover has been reduced by tenths of a second, making those weapons more effective and decreasing the likelihood that the player will be left open to attack by other players. As a result of these changes, certain weapons that were previously ignored by players are now viable options for players who are interested in experimenting with something new.
A significant improvement that has been implemented is the expansion of available weapon sizes. This is one of the changes that have been made. The fact that these weapons were difficult to wield and left the player vulnerable to assault from adversaries led to a pattern of players in the past ignoring them. These colossal weapons have been given increased utility by Patch 1.09, which has sped up their attack speeds and lowered their recovery times. Players now have the ability to swing these weapons without having to trade blows with the majority of the enemies and bosses in the game, which significantly increases their chances of successfully hitting them.
When it comes to the bosses in Elden Ring, the importance of this improvement in weapon utility cannot be overstated. Because bosses in the game are capable of stringing together combos, it is essential to locate the appropriate opportunities to attack while avoiding taking damage. Because of their quicker attacks and shorter recovery times, colossal swords and great hammers are now more viable options for players. This enables players to fit in minor frames between boss combos, which is a significant advantage.
The most recent update has also made weapons that were formerly considered to be difficult to use, such as the whip, more useful. Due to the high stagger resistance of most foes and the inability to repost or backstab, the whip has become a strong contender in player-versus-player combat, but it has a limited utility when used against computer-controlled enemies. However, the developers of the game have addressed this issue by reducing the amount of time required for the whip to recover after being attacked. Players will now have an easier time chaining combos together and will have more opportunities to attack with the whip as a result of this change.
Other weapons, such as claws and fists, have also been improved, making them more usable even by players who do not typically employ them in combat. It is essential to increase the variety of weapons available to players because doing so enables them to experiment with new play styles and weapons, which in turn makes the game more enjoyable and difficult. Because the downloadable content “Shadow of the Erdtree” is on its way, the developers of the game need to make sure that every weapon is usable so that players have even more opportunities to discover and experience new things.
As a conclusion, the Elden Ring Patch 1.09 has had a significant impact on the variety of weapons, which has opened the door to new playstyles and made weapons that were previously ignored more useful. These modifications are essential not only for making the game more fun to play but also for elevating the difficulty level of the experience. In order to maintain a sense of novelty and excitement for players, the developers of the game need to continue to work on problems related to combat and weapons.

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