Eating Less Processed Food is Healthier – Here’s What Nutritionists Recommend

The processed food trend is stirring quite the buzz lately. We now have hundreds of food items that have been cooked, frozen, canned, packaged, and pasteurized. But did you know that some of them are loaded with sugar, additives, salt, and preservatives, which can harm your health?

Trying to lower your intake of processed food is one of the most efficient ways to highly improve your health and boost the quality of your diet. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best, most realistic ways to start eating less processed food.

Here is what you can do.

Try Whole Grains Instead Of Refined Grains

What best way to end the processed food revolution than with healthier whole foods! 

You can swap refined grains such as rice, bread, tortillas, and even white pasta with whole-grain alternatives. That includes whole grain bread, pasta, and brown rice.

Whole grains have been proved to be higher in essential nutrients such as fiber! 

More Water, Less Soda

Soda, fruit juice, sweet tea, and even sports drinks are some sweet beverages that are very high in calories and sugar but low in vital nutrients.

Start with baby steps and trade those beverages for water. Your overall diet quality will improve, and you’ll feel more hydrated.

Try Some Healthy Snacks

Did you know that there are a lot of healthy snacks that taste incredibly good?

From fresh fruit, mixed nuts, veggies with hummus to edamame, you can choose from a wide variety of healthy snacks and don’t feel guilty about snacking between meals.

Try Being More Creative in the Kitchen

How about recreating some of your favorite processed foods? Well, that’s possible if you’re creative enough.

For example, you can make some delicious veggie chips by tossing zucchini, carrot slices, or potato with a bit of olive oil and salt, then backing them until they start to look real crispy. 

Also, you can try some alternatives to processed foods, such as granola bars, chia pudding, fruit leather, or air-popped popcorn.


Georgia Nica
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