‘Dungeon Stalkers’ Game Announced – Check out the Trailer and More!


A PvEvP dungeon crawler game called Dungeon Stalkers, which is presently in production by Studio HG, has been revealed by Action Square.

The company unveiled the game’s trailer and further exciting information.

This year, the third-person action adventure will launch on PC but also on mobile platforms for multiplayer play.

In Dungeon Stalkers, players gain unusual items and resources as they explore and make an effort to escape a hostile, deadly environment.

Last year, Action Square hired Studio HG to work on the project, which was overseen by producer Dae-hoon Han.

The new game teaser trailer shows off the Dungeon Stalkers that players control in their pursuit of wealth, glory, and truth while illuminating a mysterious dungeon made possible by a seemingly powerful curse.

In various action sequences, the fearless knight Hilda and the enigmatic hunter Urud are introduced, along with a look into their motives for tackling the scary dungeon.

Six additional characters will be made available prior to the release.

Dungeon Stalkers uses the Unreal Engine 5 to show the unique characteristics and features of each character from a third-person viewpoint.

Players can consciously use several dungeon elements to their advantage in PvP combat.

By extinguishing a light source, players might, for example, leap from shadows to ambush opponents and easily win the game.

In the dungeon, players will also encounter curses that significantly and quickly change the environment as well as destructible armor that compels them to choose between fighting and running in an instant.

“Dungeon Stalkers is our chance to tackle a genuinely enormous effort alongside Action Square. We are confident that our complex and dynamic dungeon, coupled with tactical and heart-pounding combat, will live up to the high standards of the dungeon crawler genre. Later this year, we are enthusiastic to provide a well-polished game with room for expansion for players,” Producer Dae-hoon Han stated.

For Dungeon Stalkers, Action Square put together an all-star team of developers, including experienced producers and art directors from top studios like Blizzard, Riot Games, Ubisoft, and others.

Along with the release of the trailer, Action Square also opened a Discord server and a Steam page.

Although the makers did not provide a release date, the game is expected to go live in December of this year.

Users will directly communicate with the team, and they will have their recommendations taken into consideration for the release as well so don’t hesitate to voice your thoughts on it!

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