Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Useful Tips You Didn’t Know About!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is one of the most exciting games of the franchise, and it has many enjoyable aspects.

There are some tips and tricks you can follow to make the experience even more enjoyable!

Without further ado, let’s see them!

  1. Hercules can take on the 3 Great ape mission, you only have to keep grabbing the ape’s tail and slamming him. Also, the character keeps reviving you.
  2. Parallel Quest number 8 is an advantageous mission that can help you level up because it is fast and straightforward to complete.
  3. Parallel Quests that include Time Patrollers have a chance of Dragon Balls dropping. There is a chance to see them in missions 2,12, and 15 as the TP in those quests is seemingly random.
  4. Parallel Quest number 53 can be utilized for rapid levelling up and ultra-fast money. The quest can be completed in less than a minute. You only need to collect all the 3 Dragon Balls as quick as you can.
  5. When your ki is full, transform in Super Saiyan to benefit from the ultimate attack as rapid as you can to defeat an opponent efficiently and quickly.
  6. If you want to charge your ki at the beginning of a match rapidly, equip killirin, yamcha or tien’s z soul.
  7. The Ultimate Attack Blue Hurricane is an optimal attack as it has an AOE and keeps on going for seconds. It can get numerous targets stuck in it, and you have absolute control over the Hurricane to move it and hit numerous targets, mixing it with Super Sayain transformations to achieve multiple easy kills. It also works good on Great Ape enemies, as it usually kills them with a single Hurricane blow, according to your level.
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