Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s 10 Million Sales Celebration Sparks Free Rewards

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 has been in the gaming world for almost seven years since it was developed by Dimps and published by Bandai Namco. It became clear pretty rapidly that the game would have a lot of fans due to its immersive combat maneuvers and graphics.

Xenoverse 2 has now marked the 10 million sales milestone, and it means that the fans have a new reason to be excited. To celebrate the achievement, Bandai has already launched a special campaign.

A login bonus of 100TP medals awaits those who want to benefit from the new rewards. The fans will have that opportunity during the first week of the event, meaning between May 17 and 24. The fans will also have the chance to claim 50TP medals during the next 18 weeks.

Let’s not also forget about the Special Raid Quest, as two main prizes are involved. Players will have the chance to grab an exclusive ‘6 Star Dragon Ball Tournament Outfit.’

Bandai Namco also wrote:

Join the 10M Special Raid Quest and help us celebrate 10 million units sold for #DBXV2!

Defeat enough enemies to earn the exclusive “10-Million Celebration Balloon” and show off your achievement.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 remains purchasable via Steam for 49.99 euros. If you want to play the game on a PC, you must keep in mind that you’ll need a CPU at least as good as Intel Core i5-3470, 3.20GHz or AMD FX-6300, a graphics card such as GeForce GT 660 or Radeon HD 7770 or something better, and a minimum of 4GB in order to enjoy the best of what the title has to offer.

If you want to play Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, there are plenty of compatible platforms. You can run the fighting game on consoles such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One, for instance. Of course, you can also use a Windows PC or a Google Stadia account to play it.

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