Disease X Concern: Experts Sound The Alarm About The Possibility Of Another Pandemic

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Disease X” is generating a great deal of fear in Britain, and as a result, specialists in the field of public health have encouraged the government to maintain a state of readiness for the arrival of a new pathogen. This is due to the fact that the nation has been hit by many diseases in the recent past.  It is worth remembering that poliovirus has been found recently in samples of sewage in London; however, there have not been any recorded instances of polio that has caused paralysis in children as of yet.

The nation is now engaged in a fight against the threat posed by monkeypox, which has led to 910 confirmed cases as of June 23. In spite of the fact that the World Health Organization has not yet declared it a public medical crisis, over 4,000 cases have been recorded from over 40 nations as of this point. Additionally, there was a confirmed case of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever in the month of March. Infections caused by Lassa fever and avian flu have also been reported to increase during the last few years. Aside from that, COVID has been wreaking havoc throughout the course of the last two years.

What exactly is this disease X?

This danger is not exclusive to Europe; it also exists in other parts of the world. Disease X is a term used to describe unidentified infections that have the potential to spread worldwide and cause a pandemic.

Why are specialists sounding the alarm about the possibility of another pandemic?

There have been a number of studies that have pointed out that there is a high risk that the next pandemic might be caused by climate change. As the temperature continues to rise, wild animals will have to be moved into increasingly densely inhabited regions against their will. Therefore, the likelihood of a viral leap to humans, which might then lead to the subsequent pandemic, will significantly rise as a result of this.

An outbreak that experts fear dread could result in severe disease all over the world if and when it occurs has been labeled “Disease X” by the World Health Organization (WHO), which has also issued a warning that “Disease X,” where “X” stands for unforeseen, is hypothetical for the time being.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.