Did You Know That Mangrove Forests Can Store This Much Carbon?

As new research emerges, we learn mangrove forests have an essential role in storing carbon.

Apparently, species diversity in mangrove forests boosts soil carbon storage and biomass production. Such a discovery highlights the inability of preserving biodiversity as a nature-based solution to raise climate change awareness.

Here is what you need to know.

Understanding Mangrove Forests’ Role

For recent research, a team of bold researchers realized an intensive field survey of mangrove forests and carbon storage on Hainan Island (20 % of China’s mangrove forest region) and data between 2017 and 2018. 

Next, researchers calculated the carbon storage of the plant biomass. Such a thing included soil carbon and nitrogen content from soil samples of 30 transects and carbon concentrations for every species.

The findings are genuinely intriguing.

Discovery details and other details

Researchers discovered that parts with a high concentration of nitrogen and annual rainfall possess more considerable carbon storage potential and mangrove biomass. What does this mean?

Such things show that climate factors and soil fertility determine areas of high carbon storage and mangrove diversity. 

Dr Guanghui Lin of Tsinghua University is part of the recent research. He released a statement discussing the discovery:

“[…] mangrove biodiversity conservation is crucial for ensuring mangrove forests are able to mitigate climate change.”

With such results, we can grow mangrove diversity via advanced conservation and restoration missions. 

Mangroves are now one of the most carbon-rich ecosystems on Earth. With over 70 different species on the planet (26 only in China), these forests consist of shrubs, some woody plants, and, of course, trees. 

The trees grow only in the tidal areas of tropical and subtropical coastlines. Previous research showed that mangrove forests offer many ecological services. That includes coastal protection, water purification, carbon storage, and excellent habitat provision.

If we focus enough on mangroves’ role, we can understand how important it is to protect them and raise pollution awareness more efficiently.

Georgia Nica
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