Destiny 2 Solstice 2023: Release Date, New Solstice Armor, Rewards, and More


Fans of Destiny, get ready for a beloved event! You will be pleased to learn that the Solstice of Heroes event has just arrived in Destiny 2. Solstice is an annual event in the game when Guardians meet to celebrate what they have accomplished over the course of the previous year, such as obtaining the Wicked Implement Catalyst. and the Explosion Personality weapon. Because it is an event, there will also be prizes and buffs for those that participate.

Curious about the new Solstice Destiny 2 event? Make sure you read all the cool details below and find out more about the Solstice event, including its start time in Destiny 2, the new Solstice Armor, and other sleek rewards.

When Is the Solstice Destiny 2 Event Going to Air?

The Solstice Event in Destiny 2 will begin on July 18, 2023, which is today! The exciting event will go on for a total of four weeks and will conclude on August 15. How amazing is it!

At Solstice, all players in Destiny 2 get together to celebrate a new year of playing the game and their accomplishments over the last year. The Solstice Armor, which will feature a fantastic design and also a special glow that is exclusive to your subclass, is the most valuable gift that can be obtained from this event.

At this time, players that handle the Bonfire Bash mode will gain two buffs called Firebound and Flare. These buffs are designed to increase their damage and speed, respectively. The Firebound perk will improve your Recovery and Super regeneration. If you use Flare, you will generate a fire around yourself that quickly does damage to anybody who gets close to you.

Solstice Armor and Other Great Rewards

Players will receive the Solstice Armor as well as the fresh Strand Rocket Launcher as part of this year’s Solstice event in Destiny 2. These two items are the most valuable rewards.

You’ll need to accomplish a certain number of tasks in order to get the Solstice Armor, but once you’ve registered for the event, you’ll have immediate access to the Strand Rocket Launcher at no additional cost!

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