David and Rebecca Muir – Inside the Siblings’ Romantic History and Rumors

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The personal lives of Rebecca and David Muir seem to be getting more attention than ever and here’s why!

As you may or may not know, Rebecca is a professional makeup artist that has gained fame thanks to her younger brother, David.

The latter is well known because of his job as the ABC News network managing editor.

David and Rebecca Muir were born in Syracuse, New York to parents Ronald and Pat Mills.

While the parents ended up getting a divorce when the siblings were still young, they continued to have a good relationship so they co-parented quite harmoniously.

David Muir, who is also known for being a news anchor in addition to his position as a managing director, has gained a lot of fame and attention due to his impressive skills in addressing a number of different societal issues, bringing awareness to them.

His career started way back in 1994 when he started his reporting career working for WTVH television.

He was even part of the reporter group that covered the Gaza Strip in Palestine, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem in Israel.

He has gone on to work for multiple well known TV stations throughout the years, including ABC News and WCVB television, both as a reporter and as an anchor.

As for Rebecca Muir, as mentioned before, David’s sister works as a makeup artist and gained public attention due to being David’s sibling.

In addition to being a professional makeup artist, Rebecca also runs an organic farm in Borodino.

So why are the brother and sister’s lives the topic of public discussion nowadays?

Well, it appears that most of the conversation revolves around the topic of marriage and romance in general.

While David has been involved in a few romantic relationships, seemingly prominent enough to grab people’s attention, none of them has been officially confirmed.

This most likely means that David likes to keep his romantic life as private as possible.

On the other hand, Rebecca is married to Richard Malcolm, the general manager of the Mirbeau Inn and Spa Skaneateles.

But Rebecca was previously believed to be married to someone else – Stephan Perron – something that was quickly dismissed as just baseless rumors.

The makeup artist shares no less than 4 children by the names of Brahm, Finan, Morel and Beryl Malcolm with her husband, Richard.

David was also rumored to be married to Kate Dries but that has been proven not to be the case.

However, Kate herself shared some details about her date with the well known journalist, in an article published in Report Clearly that reads: “My Boyfriend David Muir Is just a Monster.”

A conversation was also documented and shared by Kate on her Instagram account.

However, this alleged romance was never confirmed by David, which is why most fans simply assumed they never really dated or that they broke up.

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