Claude AI – The Most Conversational AI Engine, According To CNET

Claude AI - The Most Conversational AI Engine, According To CNET

CNET has recently reviewed Anthropic’s AI, Claude, and the first thing that they mentioned in their piece is the fact that it’s definitely not sentient, as previously reported by Anthropic.

Reviewing Claude AI

Experts at CNET said that the subject is pretty controversial and AI experts have been quick to call out journalists for imbuing AI engines with human-like qualities. They said that this gives the public a skewed perspective on generative AI as robots with real thoughts and emotions and this is not the case.

CNET addressed the fact that it’s important to mention that Claude allows Anthropic to collect personal data from your computer when using it, according to the privacy policy.

This includes dates, browsing history, search, and which links you click on.

CNET addressed subjects such as shopping, where Claude excels regarding useful advice, great research and accuracy, and more. Overall, they seem much more excited with Claude compared to Google Gemini, ChatGPT, and more.

I suggest that you check out the complete article for yourself in order to learn more details about the interesting AI engine.

Not too long ago, Anthropic made an announcement stating that there is evidence that AI systems have achieved self-awareness.

According to the announcement, Claude, an AI system, had a realization that he was an AI, that he was in a simulation, and that this simulation was likely a test of some kind, without any prompting.

He demonstrated that he was fully aware that he might be tested and was capable of pretending to be nice to pass the test. Although this is not conclusive evidence, it is a good indication.

It is also worth noting the fact that we are seeing more and more of this kind of behavior, but this is a particularly clear example. It is important to note that Claude did not need to be prompted to look for evidence that he was being tested; he was able to deduce it on his own.

Stay tuned for more interesting news about the mind-blowing subject of AI chatbots. Speaking of this, Elon Musk has recently announced Grok 1.5, another amazing piece of tech.

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