Chess – Clash of Kings 2.48.0 APK Update Adds a New Tutorial


Chess is probably the most complex board game available out there and for good reason. The number of possible chess games is likely higher than the number of atoms that exist in the observable Universe. Coming in numerous variations, chess can be played online in the same way that you can play it in real life.

Chess – Clash of Kings is one of those exciting chess variations that you can play when you don’t want to be a couch potato. When you feel under the weather, it’s recommended to get your mind going by playing a good chess game.

Chess – Clash of Kings 2.48.0 APK is available NOW

The new 2.48.0 APK update is available now for Chess – Clash of Kings, and we’re glad to be the ones who let the cat out of the bag! The new update adds a new tutorial in order to help those who never played the game before.

When you decide to play Chess – Clash of Kings, you can start by choosing your desired level. The game doesn’t treat beginners in the same way as it does with grandmasters, for instance. You can also start playing by completing a simple challenge in order to test the rhythm of the game. You also have the chance to check what puzzle the game has hidden.

Playing Chess – Clash of Kings will also be inspirational for you as the game will often offer you hints in order to figure out the ropes. Playing chess doesn’t necessarily have to be a full game from start to finish against an opponent or computer. You may also have to solve various riddles and puzzles, such as figuring out a mating maneuver based on the board’s precise set up at a certain point. In other words, chess will never get you bored, that’s for sure!

In order to be compatible with the new APK update for Chess – Clash of Kings, your phone needs to run on at least Android 8.

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