Check Out Barbaracle’s Best Moveset in Pokemon Go – Tips & Tricks

It’s Sustainability Week in Pokemon Go, and we get to enjoy unique stuff, including Binacle’s debut and its evolution, Barbaracle.

Trainers looking to use the Rock/ Water-type special barnacle-inspired Pokemon will need to use the best moveset if they want to compete in PvP and PvE. Curious about which moves you should be teaching the ‘mon?

Here is what you need to know.

Barbaracle’s Best Moveset: What Should You Know

This Kalos Pokemon’s dual-typing created quite a stir in the Pokemon Go’s universe. Barbaracle came up with a great shake-up to the game’s competitive meta. So, the barnacle-like ‘mon is already a strong contender in Battle League’s first tiers.

Teaching Barbaracle the best attacks will get you the sweet victory in no time at all.

Best Moveset in Pokemon Go Raids

Barbaracle’s Fast Attack is perfect against Fire-type raid bosses. Lots of famous 5-star raid bosses, like Moltres or Articuno, are totally weak to Stone Edge. 

The ‘mon Fast Attack includes a Water Gun and its Charge Attack, Stone Edge/ Cross Chop.

Best Moveset in Battle League

Great League

Fast Attack: Fury Cutter

Charge Attack: Cross Chop/ Stone Edge

Barbaracle’s Fury Cutter is an excellent attack because it can quickly create energy, allowing the ‘mon to reach the secondary moves right away.

As for a Fighting-type move, Cross Chop is great because it can bait enemies’ shields. This attack is also the perfect counter to Rock/ Steel-type ‘mon, Bastiodon. 

Ultra League

Fast Attack: Fury Cutter

Charge Attack: Cross Chop/ Stone Edge

Barbaracle has a high defense stat in the Ultra League, and its Fury Cutter and Cross Chop mix will defeat Melmetal in no time.

The Fast Attack is also great if you want to destroy some Grass-types, like Exeggutor. Stone Edge is perfect, too, for defeating Flying ‘mon, including Articuno or Altaria.

Master League

Fast Attack: Fury Cutter

Charge Attack: Cross Chop/ Stone Edge

Master League is a bit tough for Barbaracle due to its overall stats.

However, not every ‘mon has to be great at PvPs. It’s better if you use Barbaracle in Great and Ultra League instead.


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