Blackview Active 8 Pro is a New Rugged Tablet Equipped With a 22,000mAh Battery

Credit: Blackview

Using a normal tablet at work, in case you’re an engineer at a construction site, will surely be like putting all of your eggs into one basket. In such a case, you’ll need a rugged tablet, and luckily for all of us, they truly exist!

While rugged smartphones represent something that we’ve all heard about, we can’t actually say the same about tablets built in order to be used under extreme conditions. Also known as rugged tablets, these tablets will ensure that you can do your work efficiently even if you’re constantly going through risky areas or extreme weather. Trust us on this: a rugged device is the best thing since sliced bread for construction workers! That’s why we need to give the new Blackview Active 8 Pro some extra attention!

Blackview Active 8 Pro is a flagship rugged tablet

Notebookcheck brings exciting news regarding the release of the new Blackview Active 8 Pro, a new rugged tablet that will launch at some point in July. It features water and dust protection, as well as some impressive hardware specs. The tablet is also equipped with 16GB of RAM, an Helio G99 processor, and an incredibly powerful battery of 22,000mAh, accompanied by 33W charging.

The tablet also features an IPS display of 10.36-inch that has a 2000×1,200 pixels resolution and two cameras, one on the front and another one placed at the device’s rear. The new Blackview tablet also features 256GB of storage space.

Despite the impressive specs of the new ACtive 8 Pro tablet, the starting price is more than affordable: $239.99, and we also need to know that it will be valid between July 10 and July 14.

Not everybody was born with a tablet in their hands, that’s for sure. Therefore, you shouldn’t say something like, “It’s all Greek to me!” when you try to control a rugged tablet such as the Blackview Active 8 Pro for the first time.

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