Black Desert Online’s ‘Land Of The Morning Light’ Features Fascinating Korean Folklore and so Much More!

One of Black Desert Online’s biggest expansions to date, Land of the Morning Light, which adds a sizable new region with a strong Korean influence, is about to be released.

The established game’s creator, Pearl Abyss, also has other upcoming open world adventure games like Crimson Desert and DokeV in the works. Here’s everything you need to know!

With a number of recent expansions and the drop of Black Desert on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, the MMORPG has grown considerably in the last few years, but this project is still one of the most impressive at this point in time.

A brand-new, independent island called The Land of the Morning Light is described in the narrative as a port that has recently opened to visitors.

The region is modeled after Joseon, which is the longest dynasty in Korean history, and it incorporates real-world settings as well as folklore to produce a completely unique experience.

It’s unusual for the game that new players can now also choose the island as their starting zone.

In several ways, Land of the Morning Light departs from earlier additions, particularly in the scope of its storytelling.

Players will encounter more than 5,000 lines of dialogue and 100 minutes of cut scenes while exploring the island, which is a significant increase over previous releases.

15 chapters are divided into 8 different stories that revolve around 8 bosses with roots in Korean folklore.

The game’s standard monster zones, which are entirely absent on the island, are replaced by these bosses.

Players are joined by the new character Dolswe, a knowledgeable, devoted, and frequently comical companion, for all the new plotlines.

Players are able to pick which story they want to start after completing a few introductory region quests. Each story must be finished before the next can start.

While the Black Desert expansion’s boss fights can all be reached through narrative means, a new mode called Boss Blitz allows players to enter them immediately.

The vicious overlord Golden Pig King, the Black Death-inspired Oduksini, the undead Changui, the wraith Bari, the vengeful ghost Songakshi, the brutal leader Bamboo Legion Lieutenant, the huge cat Sangoon, the fox spirit Gumiho, and the goblin king Duoksini can all be faced here by players, and they can place on a leaderboard depending on how long it takes to defeat each of these intriguing bosses.

The serpent Imoogi was teased in an overview presentation as the tenth boss, which will be available worldwide, in addition to yet another boss that can get unlocked.

Before every battle, players can choose one of ten different Calamity Levels, which affects both the difficulty and the size of the rewards they will receive.

Gamers can take advantage of each boss’s elemental weakness—either Earth, Water, or Fire—by using the new attribute system.

In an effort to make these battles more approachable even without high level equipment, a character’s attributes can be tuned depending on who they will be facing, prior to each fight.

In addition to a sizable area to explore, Land of the Morning Light has two manors where players can make themselves at home.

Both are sizable estates with a Korean flair that can accommodate a wide range of traditional furniture.

Dahn’s Gloves, an incredibly potent piece of equipment that allows for specialization in either evasion or damage reduction, can be made from resources found in the area.

Gamers can now use the Panokseon, a customizable ship that can be used for exploration and combat, which is appropriate for an island area.

The vastness of the new island is amazing, but so is the degree of true Korean detail it contains, with its geographic and cultural influences evident in every facet of the game.

Players who have long desired a stronger story element in the MMORPG will, particularly like Land of the Morning Light, but it appears that the impending Black Desert Online expansion will have plenty to offer everyone.

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