Beware of The New Windows 10 Bug That Will Delete Saved Passwords from Browsers

Despite Microsoft’s lingering efforts to convince its users to switch to Windows 10, many of them still prefer the good old Windows 7. And there’s no wonder why, as Microsoft’s latest version of Windows has been giving a lot of headaches to many through various bugs, errors, faulty updates, and so on.

Storing passwords in a browser is a widespread habit, but it can become a real pain after one of Windows 10’s newest updates. If you’re using either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you may find your passwords deleted if you chose to install a recent update of Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Microsoft is looking for solutions

Microsoft didn’t try to hide the issue, and many Windows 10 users are waiting for solutions. Until that moment, they’ll have to deal with some apps that forget user credentials. As you might have guessed already, the affected users are forced to enter usernames and passwords like in the situation when they’re logging in for the first time. Of course, getting usernames and passwords deleted implies to waste time resetting those passwords.

A statement from says:

The flaw, which is also said to be deleting cookies in web browsers, will be fixed for the general public in the next optional update before heading to all machines in the Patch Tuesday release.

Microsoft is constantly looking to improve Windows 10. The operating system will release an update via Windows Update and WSUS to kill off the Flash Player software from Adobe. Microsoft has even made the patch titled “Update for the removal of Adobe Flash Player” available through its Update Catalog, but it’s optional for the moment.

Oddly enough, only 1 billion devices across the world are using Windows 10 in the present.


Tonia Nissen
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