AVG Secure VPN – Unlimited VPN & Proxy Server Version 2.16.5648 Steps Up Quality

The 21st century marked a huge advancement in terms of technology, both hardware and software. When you look at the programs that we used 20 years ago and how they looked like, you will likely wonder how we managed to use them back then. When you think about it, Android apps are barely older than a decade, since the operating system was introduced into the later part of the century’s first decade.

Smartphones grant us multiple advantages, but also expose us to numerous risks. One of the most common problems posed by novel technology is data safety. Who wants to get their data stolen and used with malicious intent online (or offline)? Likely nobody. That is why you have to stay protected at all times. Since smartphones are just like miniature computers, the best way to protect your smartphone is the same as the one you would use to protect your computer – an antivirus! One of the best solutions for both worlds is AVG. It offers virus protection and some sweet VPN & Proxy server capabilities, which results in some useful extra features.

Like any mobile app, AVG gets updates now and then.

The app has reached version 2.16.5648. Here is an extract of the patch notes that accompanied the new update:

“The new version of AVG Secure VPN brings the following:

– Kill switch

– more polished design

– simplified flow for connection rules feature

Besides, we’ve improved the stability and fixed some minor issues.”

We suggest that you get the newest version of the app as soon as possible. Make sure that you download the new version from a reputable, trustworthy source like Google Play.

William Reid
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