Attack on Titan: Final Season Release Date & More

In 2023, fans will be able to see the last season of Attack on Titan. After two prequels and an eternity of anticipation, the series finale will air sometime in 2019.

The lack of information about the new season of the popular anime is frustrating for fans who can’t wait. We have the shortest of trailers and a massive new poster, and we can piece together the source material to predict how many episodes of Attack on Titan are still to come. You’ll find it everything in our breakdown of the third and final season of Attack on Titan.

Release date

Attack on Titan’s third and final season is scheduled to premiere in 2023. A teaser trailer for the upcoming third episode of Season 4 and the news were both posted on the show’s official Twitter.

It’s unlikely to be delayed if there’s a firm release date set, even with the increasingly packed calendar of animation company MAPPA. On November 13, there will be a ‘Special Event’ for the show where we can expect to learn more.In its nearly decade-long career, Attack on Titan has had a wide variety of release windows. Since 2013, new seasons of anime have premiered during the customary Spring, Fall, and Winter periods.

Although the exact release date of Attack on Titan episode 88 is unknown, there is good reason to suspect it will be sometime in the late Winter 2022/23 timeframe, sometime around January or February 2023.

Why? The premieres of the first two episodes of the Final Season will occur in December 2020 and January 2022. Now that we know what to expect, next year’s deliveries should be possible on schedule, barring any unexpected production delays. The third installment, as we shall see, ought to be shorter than the first two, which will facilitate quicker manufacturing.

An Attack on Titan movie based on the series’s last season has been discussed. That’s probably because “canon” anime films like Jujutsu Kaisen 0 and Demon Slayer Mugen Train keep doing well at the box office. In this instance, however, that is not the case. Part 3 of Attack on Titan’s television adaptation of the manga’s final chapters will not be a film but rather a series of episodes.

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