Apple TV Owners Must Now Use An iOS 16 Device To Accept The Terms And Conditions

Source: Pixabay

Apple has just just published an update for its tvOS, which is intended for use with Apple TV devices. As part of the upgrade, customers are required to accept updated terms and conditions for Apple’s iCloud service. It would seem that consumers need to do so from a compatible iPhone or iPad in order to be able to accept these updated terms and conditions.

Even if you do not possess an Apple TV, there is a good probability that you have seen a message quite similar to the one that was shown before. It will appear on your TV, smartphone, computer, or tablet when an update has been installed on any of those devices. Before you can continue using the program after the update, you will often need to agree to the revised terms and conditions. As a general rule, we can go on with our day by just selecting yes from a list of options and moving on, but as you can see,  users of Apple TV aren’t as fortunate, and this doesn’t seem to be a unique instance.

If being required to have an iPhone or iPad wasn’t strange enough, the firm additionally mandates that the devices be running either iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 respectively. It would seem that you are out of luck if you have been using an iPhone or iPad that is not supported by Apple. The experience of ignoring these kinds of reminders, for the time being, is not the smoothest possible, but it can be done. On the other hand, you can guarantee that Apple will continue to display the terms and conditions in a pop-up window until you accept them. We have asked Apple for a comment on the matter, and we will get back to you with an update if we find a more convenient manner to agree to these terms and conditions.

Susan Kowal
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