Apple Services Won’t Work Anymore With Some Older Software Except iCloud

Credit: Apple

Certain outdated iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS versions will no longer support Apple services starting this May, according to the reputable @StellaFudge, who made the news public on Twitter. It might come as a surprise for some, but let’s face it, we somehow excepted such a thing, right?!

So, what shall we expect next from Apple?

The tech giant based in Cupertino explained:

Some older software versions will no longer support Apple Services like the App Store, Siri, and Maps; update your software to the latest available version to continue using these services.

The announcement was made last month, and you check everything out here.

On certain software versions, users won’t be able to use any Apple services except from iCloud, as you can see below:

  • macOS 10.13 through macOS 10.13.3
  • iOS 11 through iOS 11.2.6
  • watchOS 4 through watchOS 4.2.3
  • tvOS 11 through tvOS 11.2.6

The majority of Apple’s services will no longer function at all with these earlier software versions (this is sometime between late 2017 and early 2018). However, only a tiny portion of customers would be impacted by the change, which Apple didn’t actually explain. On another matter, the company said that just 8% of regularly used iPhones were still running iOS 14 or earlier as of mid-February. Well, that’s quite the thing!

What are the Apple Services?

Throughout all of its product lines, Apple provides a variety of services. That includes music streaming, original content, loss or damage insurance, and an intelligent assistant. Also, by incorporating private, secure, and reliable software and services across its ecosystem, the tech giant seeks to boost its reputation.

For example, Apple’s entertainment and cloud services are included in the Apple One membership package for a single monthly fee. And believe me, it is pretty impressive mainly because, depending on what you choose, you might save $8 to $26 monthly. Family-sharing versions of the services are available with the Family and Premier subscriptions.

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