Apple and Google Team Up to Stop AirTag Hacking

Credit: Apple

The danger you might face while using your AirTag is apparently bigger than previously believed. And the recent Apple and Google collab totally proves that! The two tech giants are working together to prevent unauthorized tracking via Bluetooth devices, which were developed to assist users in identifying items that are prone to be forgotten or lost, discovering lost keys, and monitoring baggage.

Bluetooth trackers have created tremendous user benefits, but they also bring the potential of unwanted tracking, which requires industry wide action to solve, explained Google’s vice president of Engineering for Android, Dave Burke.

Did you ever feel something strange happening to your AirTag? How much do you trust this device?

On Tuesday (May 2), the two companies, widely known for their gadgets like the iPhone or the Android software, actually filed a proposal to establish strict guidelines for preventing any spying on Apple’s AirTag trackers and other similar devices. How are they going to solve that? The idea is also supported by another tech giant, Samsung, mainly because this is actually the company that sells the most Android smartphones globally, but also has some cool monitoring devices like Tile, Chipolo, and Pebblebee, a lot similar to the AirTag.

If you got yourself an AirTag for different monitoring things or just as a reminder, you know how essential this little device could be. And what’s best is that since its 2021 introduction, the only $30 AirTag has grown in popularity so much, mainly used as a tool for people to locate a variety of lost items or keep track of their closed ones’ routines. However, stalkers succeeded in reaching this system, too, and they have used AirTags and comparable items to track unaware individuals. That includes former romantic interests.

What are your thoughts on Apple and Google’s recent collaboration?

By the end of this year, Apple wants to come up with an impressive strategy for AirTag in order to counter stealth tracking in place. Android and iPhone software upgrades would also be used to solve the bug.

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