Android Will Allow Apps to Stream Call Audio From the Phone to Tablet

Credit: Pixabay

Google is working on a new feature for Android that will allow apps to stream voice-over IP (VoIP) calls from a smartphone to a tablet. This functionality is made possible by Google’s Telecom Jetpack library, which is able to simplify the integration of the telecom stack and enables features like seamless audio switching and call transfer, as XDA has discovered.

With the new capability, users will be able to transfer calls from their phone to a tablet, enjoying a larger display and better speakers. Currently, the new feature is limited to the Pixel Tablet, which supports acting as a Cast receiver. However, future updates may expand the compatibility to other Android devices as well. The Telecom Jetpack library is expected to exit the preview stage and become widely available at some point this summer.

Dan Galpin, who’s a Developer Relations Engineer, explained as XDA quotes:

In another new example of purpose-built APIs, we’re releasing a new Jetpack library that supports call-related background work, simplifies the telecom stack API service, and brings backwards compatibility for newly-released features. It includes support for seamless audio switching and routing, and call transfer for VoIP apps, leveraging the cross-device SDK.

New Android versions usually come with a range of improvements, features, and enhancements to the operating system. For instance, let’s consider performance enhancements. New versions of Android often include performance optimizations and enhancements, making the overall system faster and more efficient. This can include improvements in app launching speed, smoother multitasking, and even better battery management.

Who said that it’s impossible to use your tablet as a phone, meaning to perform calls on it? Just make sure you won’t hold that tablet glued to your ear while you call a friend, as it would definitely look awkward!

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