Android 12: Brilliant LIttle Features You Never Knew About

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You might not have a perfect phone or service, but you can still install Android 12 and unlock its true potential. With 12, you’ll get access to tons of new and improved features that are ready to improve your Android experience. Android fans, who want to keep up with the latest technological trends, will surely fall in love with the final version, officially launching this month.

You may get Android 12 immediately from the public beta program as long as you have a suitable phone. It can provide you with exclusive access to upcoming updates such as Android 12 and an entirely new Android design which is expected to be the greatest one yet. Moreover, you will have a chance to explore the hidden features of the new version, which might, in fact, be the most interesting ones.

Hide your notifs with just one tap

Have you ever deleted a notification before reading it? It happens to all of us.  Android’s device notification history has been available for some time now, but it was incredibly tricky to find it before. With the new Android 12, users simply have to scroll down to the History option, select it, and then they will find the notifs and alerts that have just been cleared in the past day.

“Smaller” phone

The additional one-handed option places the upper half of everything in the lower section of your screen so that you can hit various commands easily. To utilize it, put your finger at the bottom of the display and swipe. This could require a few attempts, but you will soon get the hang of it. Choose then the Pull Screen option, and you are done.

Gaming mode

Head over to Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb > Schedules, and you will discover that there is a new game mode. Unfortunately, the new mode appears to work only for certain games.

Susan Kowal
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