All SNES Manuals Are Now Up for Grabs Online


Real and hardcore gamers nowadays play FIFA, Call of Duty, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Cyberpunk 2077, and many other top titles that feature mind-blowing graphics. But believe it or not, back in the day of the ’90s, the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) gaming console was the bee’s knees!

There was no such thing as the term “good graphics” since all games were based on a 16-bit console. But for most people who liked to play video games, Nintendo has surely hit the nail on the head with the SNES machine.

The final English SNES manual goes online

According to Kotaku, someone began to look for every SNES manual that exists on Earth. Maybe there are such manuals on other planets as well, but we can’t blame anyone for not searching there since not even the mighty Elon Musk can’t figure out for the moment how to reach other worlds.

Jokes aside, for now! The team working on the project to put SNES manuals online is led by Peebs and it also includes BuffaloJoe, Arachness, Timber, SNES Central, and Grant Kirkhart.

David Amador, an Indie game developer, is also happy about the project, as he said:

really cool project, all SNES manuals scanned and ready to view online. I do miss that time when reading a manual was part of playing games. I know in-game tutorials more or less replaced them but it’s not the same.

In total, there were 1757 games built for the SNES console. This is significantly more than the number of games created for the previous NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) console. NES had only 716 known licensed games. However, the difference is somewhat expected, considering that SNES represented a major evolution compared to NES. However, without the intention to offend anyone, that difference might be unnoticeable for hardcore gamers nowadays.

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